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Plot 3B – 2.5 Acres (1ha)

This plot runs East to West North West alond the border of Plot 3A with the river on the right side of the property. The Western border is the San Pedro Estate.

There are three areas in the Plot that is well suited for a lovely home.

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Plot 3A – 2.5 Acres (1ha)

Access is past Plot1A on the right heading West.

Boarding an existing private Cocoa Estate where pure chocolate is currently made.

Please note the re-enforced concrete drain on the right side of the road which is used as the demarcation point for the 4 Plots.

This Plot 3A borders the North West Plot 3B and San Pedro Estates are on the Western Border.

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Plot 2 – 3.5Acres (1.4ha)

This is the most Northerly Plot located on opposite side of the Agua Santa River adjacent to Plot B and further borders the San Salvadore Estate.

This is the most virgin of the five plots with large shady trees grapefruit and soursop trees included. There is also a natural pond area which is drained presently however, when filled it attracts water fowl and would be great for raring free range ducks.

Yes, lots of water is available.

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Plot 1B – 3 Acres (1.2ha)

Situated running in a North West direction boarded by Plot 1A and the Agua Santa River (partly paved with re-enforced concrete. This plot of land also has Road frontage onto the Tortuga Road.

Through the avocado and lime trees you can see across the Gulf of Paria to the Northern Penisula.

All drainage is complete including an established road.

Water and electricity are both available.

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Plot 1A – 3.5Acres (1.4ha)

  • Located along the Toruga Road
  • Sloping view with electricity and large water storage?
  • A small house with a large patio.
  • Separate living quarters for the care-taker of the property.
  • Large store-room and enclosed garage.
  • Parking for 6 cars
  • Dog kennel for 4 dogs (unused)
  • Roads and drainage completed
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